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Researching Electric Bikes?

You've come to the right place! This site is designed to make it easy for you to learn all about electric bikes and find the perfect one for your needs.

Electric Bike

Why Pedego Electric Bikes?

Pedego is the biggest and best brand of electric bikes in America because they put people first. Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something… Pedego stands for you.

  • Comfort

    The most important part of any Pedego is the person riding it. First and foremost, they're designed to be the most comfortable and user-friendly electric bikes ever.

  • Performance

    Pedegos are world-renowned for their unmatched performance. They feature best in class acceleration, hill climbing, range, and stopping power.

  • Quality

    Pedegos are built to last with quality, brand name components. They're guaranteed by an industry leading two year warranty

  • Service

    What really sets Pedego apart is their dedication to customer service. It's their official company policy to do whatever it takes to ensure that every single Pedego customer is satisfied delighted.

  • Interceptor


    The Electric Bike that has it All

    Beach cruiser comfort and style plus state-of-the-art, exhilarating performance!

    • Available in a rainbow of fun color options
    • Pedal forward frame geomotry provides and upright riding position

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  • City Commuter

    City Commuter

    A Complete Package For a Reasonable Price

    Fully loaded with everything you need to park your car and ride instead!

    • Fenders with mud flaps keep you clean and dry
    • Full coverage chain guard protects your clothing

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    City Commuter
  • Boomerang Plus

    Boomerang Plus

    The Most Accessible Electric Bicycle Ever

    Making riding more fun and easy for everyone!

    • Ultra low 9” step through frame for easy access
    • Extra strength Mag Wheels available

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    Bommerang Plus
  • Platinum Interceptor

    Platinum Interceptor

    Deluxe Cruiser for Those Who Refuse to Settle

    America’s best selling electric bike made even more lovable with premium upgrades!

    • Suspension fork effortlessly glides over bumps in the road
    • Top of the line hydraulic disk brakes and more

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    Platinum Interceptor
  • Stretch


    The electric bike that delivers the goods

    Empowering you to haul people and stuff with ease!

    • Amazing 400 pound weight capacity
    • Adjustable racks for loads of all shapes and sizes

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  • Latch


    An Electric Folding Bike Like No Other

    It rides like a dream and easily folds in about 30 seconds!

    • Belt drive provides a seamless, quiet ride with no messy chain grease
    • Weighs just 50 pounds (43 pounds without the battery) for easy transport

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  • Trail Tracker

    Trail Tracker

    The Monster Truck of Electric Bikes

    Incredibly fun to ride, and tough enough for any off-road adventure!

    • 4” tires float over sand, mud, and even snow
    • Frame geometry feels just right – relaxed yet responsive

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    Trail Tracker
  • Ridge Rider

    Ridge Rider

    The Ultimate Electric Mountain Bike

    Be free to venture off the beaten path and enjoy the great outdoors!

    • A Shimano SLX 20 speed drivetrain for easy pedaling and smooth shifting
    • Maguro hydraulic disk brakes with 180mm rotors that can stop on a dime

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    Ridge Rider
  • Interceptor Interceptor
  • City Commuter City Commuter
  • Boomerang Plus Boomerang Plus
  • Platinum Interceptor Platinum Interceptor
  • Stretch Stretch
  • Latch Latch
  • Trail Tracker Trail Tracker
  • Ridge-Rider Ridge Rider

Why Practical Cycle?

We realize you have lots of options when shopping for an electric bike, but Practical Cycle different. We promise that you’ll be happier as a Practical Cycle customer than you would be otherwise.

  • Service from the Heart

    Practical Cycle's customer service policy in a nutshell is the golden rule. As a family owned business, we’re wholeheartedly committed to treating you like we would like to be treated ourselves. It's that simple!

  • Low Price Promise

    With Practical Cycle you get to have your cake and eat it too! We offer you the best possible experience and the lowest price - guaranteed. If you find a lower price on anything we sell, we’ll gladly match it!

  • Expert Advice:

    Most Practical Cycle customers aren't bike experts. They just love to ride them! We don't expect you to know all the boring details about all the latest bikes and gear - that's our job. We ride everyday and make it our business to know what works for everyday people in the real world, so we can give you useful advice based on our extensive knowledge and practical experience.


You can shop online to learn all about Pedego Electric Bikes and check out our customer stories for inspiration.

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