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From Bad to Good

Scott has been out looking for an electric bike shop with a great selection of bikes. Before coming into Practiacl Cycle he was visitng shops in the Bay Area that didn't allow test rides and weren't too friendly. Before coming in he messaged and called us to ensure he was able to test ride. When he came that was exactly what he did. He test rode a few bikes before taking a Pedego Trail Tracker home.

Trucking and Trekking

Joseph is a trucker who drives every week from Montana to San Francisco. After spending all that time in a truck the last thing he wants to do is spend more time in a vehicle. To help alleviate his itch to get out, he purchased a Juiced Crosscurrent electric mountain bike to take on the trails. We cannot wait to here about his andventures when he stops by for his free 100 mile check up.

City Commuter and Upgrades

Herb was looking for a bike to improve his daily commute. He wanted somethinge that would allow him to go, to and from work without getting sweaty and sticky. He loved the sleek frame of the City Commuter and decided to get one in black. He upgraded his bike by adding a pair of puncture resistant Mondial Marathon tires and an upgraded Pedego saddlebag.

Pedego On The Mind

Melissa and Sandy have been customers of ours in the past. Earlier this year they rented a couple of our electric bikes from our rental fleet. We guess the thrill never left their memory, because six months later, Melissa and Sandy were back and ready to purchase a pair of Interceptors III. We know they are enjoying their sea foam green and mineral blue bikes all around town.

Folding And Electric?

Robert and Linda are RVers who were looking for compact bikes to store in their vehicle and easily take out when desired.  When they came into Practical Cycle and learned of folding electric bikes, they had to test them out. After test riding Pedego Latches in midnight blue and lime green, they knew they found their bikes. 
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